Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Live In Hope

My husband read to me Psalm 143 and wept. He read it to our Community Group, who we just shared our story with and wept. I live in hope because it is all I have and it is what God calls us to do. His hand is in my story, in our story. Even as we were both in our mother's womb HE KNEW... HE KNEW the pain and the destruction both of our addictions would leave on each other and others. HE KNEW that we would walk this long, winding road of recovery, together. HE KNEW we would both get so desperate and hit our "bottoms" within 1 month of each other. HE KNEW that we would have others there to come along and walk with us. HE KNEW the tears that would be shed and the unbearable hurt. HE KNEW all of it, good and bad, and HE allowed it all to happen. HE PROMISES to prosper and not harm us and HE PROMISES to give us a hope and a future and I am resting and trusting in that. Today I am in living in hope. Tomorrow my husband is off to Bethesda, be praying for him and healing to continue.

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