Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I read the following quote on this blog today http://route1520.com/
"The freest person in the world is one with an open heart, a broken spirit, and a new direction in which to travel." ~Gordon MacDonald
My heart is softened today and hope is thriving. It has been a good 24 hours. I thank God for days like this, they seem few and far between. I am proud and amazed at my husband's 90 days of sobriety. It takes guts and sweat and God to get sober. It is not an easy road, this I know from my own sobriety. I am hopeful for our future today and am hopeful for how God will use this and hopefully us to help others walk the road to a life of freedom and living and obeying Him.
On another note my oldest looked at me with his hands raised high and said "Lord come...what is it you say mom?" Me- "Jesus come quickly, son! Jesus come quickly."

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