Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Devotions

We have started following the family devotions from Brookhills It already has been a blessing for us and the kids, especially my middle child she seems to really enjoy it. We have been listening to the worship song and then reading scripture from the children's Bible and then everybody prays. I can't describe the peace that washes over me as I tuck the children in. I desire to have a stable, Godly family for my children to grow up in. We have a long ways to go and hopefully God will fully restore our marriage and trust.
A week in Wheaton was helpful for my soul. It was a nice break and just the baby and I went. Entering back into reality and chaos is a bit hard, but I am ready to jump into this New Year with recovery being the number one priority. Continued prayer for my anger and bitterness is needed!

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