Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A reminder

Well the past few days have been turmoil. My prevailing emotion has been anger and definitely NOT the righteous kind. I have sat in it and it has eaten me up. Ruled and ruined my days. I have not been seeking God nor reading His word. Today I spent some time reading through Micah. After I finished reading a while and meditating on God and His desires for my life and my marriage, I stepped outside and noticed this cardinal sitting right in my barren apple tree in the back yard. I immediately heard God say "My blood covers all sins, even his." I needed to be reminded of this. So amidst the grey skies and the barren tree's this cardinal sat for a while. It reminded me of my life and marriage, stripped away of the leaves and the round green apples that my kids love. I know this is a season and once again the tree will be lush and the apples will be back. It gave me a little hope and a reminder that Christ died for everyone, for my sins, for his. Today, I am calm. Today, I have a little more hope than yesterday. I pray He continues to remind me of this and I can grasp hold to Him, His truths and His love.
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