Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Same Team

I sent this out to my sponsors and mentors last Monday. It was a great week.
I woke up this morning at 5 and God gave me a vision. Their were two people with their swords drawn and their Shields up facing each other, ready to battle and protecting their selves. It obviously was C and I and how we have been our whole marriage. Meanwhile, they were being struck with fiery arrows and being beaten by the real enemy, Satan and his spiritual forces. They turned around and begin fighting the real enemy when they realized they were on the same team. C is a new creation and new man and instead of beating him up when he continues to struggle I need to come alongside and use my shield of faith and the sword of the spirit- prayer and scripture to help him fight on. He is on my team fighting against slavery just like me and fighting our way to the promised land.
For weeks now I have gotten this in theory, but the vision was so clear and I FINALLY feel like it is sinking into my heart. He was able to be honest that it is still a struggle looking at women, and in him having the courage to be honest that opened the door for me to peace and courage to help him, not by trying to help him put up his shield or put on his helmet for him, but to put up mine, the tools God has given me, encouragement, prayer and reading his word. My fear will gain us no ground and leaves me paralyzed and the enemy gains ground if I am buying into HIS wily schemes. Just wanted to share with this with y'all as I know you all pray for me and are wanting to help me in this battle. I feel free today and know God is ultimately the Caption of our army and we must keep looking to Him to know how to battle. I was able to share this with C and we had an amazing time of prayer this morning!

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