Saturday, September 4, 2010

Under Attack

I was reading tonight "Walking with God" by Elderidge and I seriously think I had a spiritual warfare affect my sleep. I fell asleep on the couch already a little freaked out by a thug I saw walking with a backpack down my sidewalk, I actually saw him twice. I usually do not notice nor get freaked out by diverse people who walk around at all hours in my neighborhood, but for some reason I did by this guy. I actually fell asleep staring at the alarm system we have and it's lights thinking we should get it hooked back up so it actually calls the police when it goes off, not just the screaming alarm. So, I had already bought into fear that was planted earlier on in the day by the enemy.
This is not the first time I have had this experience, "dream", whatever it may be. The first time was back in November, I just found out everything about the affairs and was exhausted. My husband was gone and the kids went to bed super early. Earlier, I had almost decided the pain was to unbearable and I grabbed the keys with plan to get alcohol. God intervened and by His grace I didn't. He used my precious 4 year old's voice saying "mommy, I don't know where my shoes are" and I dropped my keys and came back to my senses. Thank you Jesus! After that I had my most vivid, what felt like a hallucination. I am asleep, but think I'm awake. I dreamt I was climbing a mountain and their were demons that had diamonds for eye's and they would dangle me off the cliff, not let me go, but torture me hanging. I kept trying, or thought so to wake up, but couldn't- and that is the worst part of these dreams.
Tonight, I was fearing the thug who was roaming my streets and was fighting that thought and trusting God to protect. So, I knew with me going to bed my dreams were probably NOT going to be peaceful. I had one of my dreams, let's call them attacks because that is what it feels like. I had an attack...I dreamt this guy was at the door, at the window, didn't actually SEE it in the attack, but heard him trying to get in. I would try to wake up, then think I was awake....while it's happening it is an insane feeling like I can feel my mind swirling/floating, like drug induced or something. This all sounds silly and it's hard to explain, but real. I finally fought to wake up, I felt as though I had tried several times, but was sucked back into it all.
Just wanted to journal about it.
I am putting on the arm of God and will guard against Satan's fiery arrows. I will remember Jesus is my protector and conquerer, there is nothing He can't handle. Help my unbelief dear Jesus.
Anyone who is up for a prayer service over the rooms and my house. Please come and let's pray.

Another note, be in prayer for my sister's niece and nephew, they lost their dad yesterday and my bro-in-laws sister, their mommy, died after being diagnosed with cancer with in 3 mths abt 2 years ago. The children ages are high school and the other college age.
Come quickly Lord Jesus. Come.

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