Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hula Hoops, Rabbit Holes, and Hitting Your Bottom

These are recovery terms used often in our house. Today I had a women ask me how she would know if her husband had "hit his bottom". I was discussing it with my husband and suddenly we see our eldest child....hitting his bottom. Laughter broke out and later as I told my husband I thought he might be putting his toe in my "hula hoop" we realized we had three listening ears in the backseat. Once again the car was filled with laughter. The three little ones grasp what a "rabbit hole" is from a previous car ride home when my husband jumped out of the car frustrated and said "you are sending me to my rabbit hole". In the dark we sat and watched him fumble with the keys and run inside, in the dark backseat no one said a word and then I hear a little voice- the eldest again- say "rabbit hole?" Needless to say it totally broke the tension of the moment and I can only imagine him wondering "why in the heck is my father about to crawl into a rabbit hole?!" After some explanation and assuring them their father was not going to crawl into an actual hole they since use this term with each other and state when they think think someone is going down in their hole. May God be gracious and let them be somewhat normal and hopefully their "trauma eggs" they all will carry won't be TOO full!!

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