Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jesus Speaks

So this morning we had a 2.5 hour counseling session, our once a week time, with our counselors Suzanne and Paul Talley. On the way there me and the mister were discussing when I feel God talking to me, and lately it is often. A side note is that on Tuesday we had talked about the mister taking a silent retreat to learn to hear God's voice and to talk to God. Brennan Manning, the author of many books, talks about this in the Ragamuffin Gospel. A time you get away and seek to hear from and speak to God without any interruptions or distractions. A place of solitude.
I was sharing about how lately I really do hear God's voice very often, an experience in which "the mister" said he hadn't experienced. Paul pointed out it was bc I listen and it takes trusting yourself and knowing God's voice. Not sure how I have arrived at this, for sure the days of darkness and desperation, but I do know God speaks to me in intimate ways through-out the day. So, that is the latest topic in our household and I pray I remember the days I feel God speak and move, bc there sure are times I feel He is silent. I want to always be in tune with Him and His voice. I can't imagine life without the times I have heard him whispering and sometimes shouting peace and calmness amongst the trials of life.
Here is a Monastery in Georgia that does private retreats. I hope the mister can go and that at some point I can too. It looks beautiful!

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