Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Living the Gospel

What does this mean? A friend and I discussed it just yesterday. What does this look like in my life? We talk a lot about it and get it in theory, but having the conversation we had about it brought about a realization that I haven't been doing it so well lately. I love Jesus, but I also love myself, my time, my schedule and get pretty belligerent when things don't go the way I think they should.
Living the Gospel well is looking at Jesus and seeing He sought after your wretched soul over and over only to be betrayed and hurt. There are consequences to our sin and bad choices, but being repentant and going back to seeking Him and living for Him, He is always there and always has been there. It means forgiving, it means choosing to love and engage my children and my husband when I don't want too. It means showing up and thinking how would Jesus love this person in this circumstance. It means acting kindly despite how we are treated, but also respecting and loving ourselves enough to put up healthy boundaries. It's not a checklist and you can't make yourself live out the gospel well, but God can through you. God can give you a gracious spirit, a loving and humble heart, but we must ask and seek Him.
I want to be a gospel driven women. To be rid of selfishness and pride, and it is hard. I am just grateful for His grace in the times I fail. And they are often. I want to be reminded daily, this life is not for me and when I make it about me I become miserable, quickly. I pray for His grace as I still grieve, hurt, and feel pain,disappointment and wrestle with fear. This too is all a process, may I go through it and grow graciously!

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