Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hallelujah and faith

So, the hubs got a new job. It is exactly what he has wanted to do and after dinner with the owner last night, we are taking this leap. It is a huge leap because our income will be cut in half at the beginning. We are hopeful that it will be back where it is now in a few months and we are living on faith and that I can make more money in my job and that God will provide. He has provided for us so far, not a penny more nor a penny less of what we need, and I am having faith He will do this here. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!
A side note...I had asked him to be out of his job by June. God brought this job last week, so we feel like we are following His will. All the signs seem to point to that. God is good and God is sovereign- He will take care of us.
On another note, one of my character defects is wanting to be wealthy. I know it is not Holy, but all the people I am jealous of on my inventory have money. I am seeing this over and over, all my desires are so worldly. Anyways, this is the perfect opportunity to work on that one because we will not be wealthy anytime soon, if ever, and maybe God knows I never need to be.

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