Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nine months and God

I am two days away from 9 months of sobriety and it has been a great day! I went ahead and picked up my nine month chip at the AA noon meeting I attend and my husband came to watch (I picked it up early since I will be out of town). The topic was on God, which is the reason I am sober. I am so thankful to AA and it was definitely God's plan in getting me sober. The tools they offer and the support it so amazing. I am able to have a deep personal relationship with Him by staying sober and by attending AA and listening to others speak about their experience, strength and hope. Every sober person offers hope. They have been at the gates of hell, experienced something they could not overcome, and accepted that something greater than them had to redeem their lives. I wish that I could say that they all believe in Jesus Christ, but that is not the truth. Some Christians I have met through AA and we have a totally different relationship than those who don't believe, and I can only pray that others be led to believe in Him, the one true God.
From what I understand Bill W was a Christian and that the steps stem from the Bible, the book of James. AA people, no matter who their God may be, love you unconditionally. Many know about my marriage, about the adultery and when they saw my husband and met him for the first time their eyes lit up and you could tell they were genuinely glad he was there. They know grace like few do. You can be who you are and accepted where you are. A day sober. 20 years sober. Relapse and you get hugs, cry and they pass tissues, call someone at 2 AM and they answer and talk you through whatever it may be. Instead of sitting around discussing theology and what it looks like to "care" for people, they just do it. They live it. In simple words, they get it. They live the gospel much better than any church I have ever attended. My husband was very glad he came and said "it's like a family there, I see why you love it." And it is. Something I was so ashamed to be a part of has been the very thing that has helped me learn to live again. What the enemy set out to destroy me with- alcoholism- has been the means of my deliverance. In my life, in my marriage, and I am forever grateful for each person who has loved on me, prayed for me and they all have made me want to know God more and be more like Him. To live out the gospel, that is my prayer. To God, the one true God, be all glory, honor and praise!!

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