Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daily Inventory

In an AA meeting today a wise old women had copies of this daily inventory sheet and I took one. Most normal people get this, for my alcoholic mind, it helps for me to see it in writing and put pen to paper.
When we retire at night, we constructively review our day.
Were we resentful, selfish, dishonest or afraid?
Personality Characteristics of Self-Will/ Personality Characteristics of God's- Will
  1. Selfish and Self seeking/ Interest in others
  2. Dishonesty/ Honesty
  3. Frightened /Courage
  4. Inconsiderate/ Considerate
  5. Pride/ Humility-seeking God's will
  6. Greedy /Giving or sharing
  7. Lustful /What can we do for others
  8. Anger /Calm
  9. Envy /Grateful
  10. Sloth /Take action
  11. Gluttony/ Moderation
  12. Impatient/ Patience
  13. Intolerant /Tolerance
  14. Resentment/ Forgiveness
  15. Hate/ Love concern for others
  16. Harmful Acts/ Good Deeds
  17. Self-Pity /Self-forgetfulness
  18. Self-justification /Humility-seek God's will
  19. Self-importence /Modesty
  20. Self-condemnation/ Self-forgiveness
  21. Susipicion /Trust
  22. Doubt /Faith

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